MOVIE: The Devil’s Plan Season 1 Episode 5 (Korean Drama)

The Devil’s Plan Season 1 Episode 5 Movie Download Video Mp4 Download

The Devil's Plan Season 1 Download Mkv Mp4

Series: The Devil’s Plan Season 1 Episode 5 (Korean Drama) | Download Mp4

The Devil’s Plan Season 1 Download Mkv Mp4

The ORBIT alliance or a new alliance? While the contestants rethink their loyalties, someone commits an act of betrayal during the main match.

The Devil’s Plan Episodes 5 Review: Created by Jung Jong-yeon, the Korean psychological survival reality show (블스 플랜) stars 12 contestants from varying professional fields including Ha Seok-jin from Problematic Men, Korean professional Go player Cho Yeon-woo, freelance announcer Lee Hye-sung, actress and inventor Lee Si-won, Kpop idol SEVENTEEN’s Boo Seungkwan.

Joining them, Seo Dong-joo – a MIT graduate and a lawyer in America with an MBA degree, comedian and actress Park Kyung-lim, Guillaume Patry – a Canadian gamer, now a professional poker player, Kwedo aka Scientist ORBIT – former policy advisor to the Blue House, and Kwak Joonbin – a travel YouTuber and a multilingual speaker. Other than these famous names, two non-celebrity contestants of the show are Seo Yoo-min – American orthopaedic surgeon, and Kim Dong-jae – a college student, now a professional poker player.

The series premiered on Netflix on September 26, 2023, with its first 4 episodes (runtime: 59-71 minutes), and Episodes 5-9 released on October 3, 2023. English subtitles and dubbed audio are available for international audiences.

The Devil’s Plan Review for Episodes 5 to 9 Contains Mild Spoilers

The Devil’s Plan Episodes 5  Review: Discussion

The mind games continue with this week’s new episodes, but with The Devil’s Plan Episode 5 we also start to see more emotional drama emerge out of the game arena, which eventually consumes the ongoing game series and starts affecting the players for worse. Certain teams push a very specific type of narrative against the other, and this may start impacting your loyalty to some of these contestants as well.

The initial episodes, i.e. Episode 1-4, may have had you rooting for the “underdogs”, but the new set of entries in the season make you further question the true concept of what it is to be an underdog, and in whom vests the power to declare one as such. A lot of betrayals unfold and the unreliability of each contestant starts rising to the top. In the race to solidify new alliances, everyone goes all out and is keen to destroy and bring each other down.

the Devil's Plan Episodes 5 to 9 Review - Kim Dong-jae
Kim Dong-jae, Seo yoo-min and Lee Hye-sung.

The people you thought were underdogs, eventually start peddling a propaganda of their own to turn things in their favour while fighting it out against the leading contestants who’re in possession of the most number of Pieces in their pockets. However, that fact alone about their leading stances can’t turn them into villains, but the other side consolidates their image like so, in turn manipulating other contestants and their thoughts about them along the way too. Soon enough, the spiteful sting of these actions will start getting to you as well, testifying for how a certain party of members has been pushing too hard to vilify the other party. And even if it’s all just part of the “game”, it starts feeling unfair.

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