MOVIE: The Devil’s Plan Season 1 Episode 1 – 4

The Devil’s Plan Season 1 Episode 1 - 4 Korean drama Movie Download Video Mp4 Download

The Devil’s Plan Season 1 Episode 1 – 4 (Korean drama)

From producer-director Jeong Jong-yeon (The Genius, The Great Escape), The Devil’s Plan brings together 12 savvy contestants to face off in mind-bending games of wit and strategy to determine who’s the brainiest of them all. They need to be cunning, they need to create alliances, they might even need to backstab — and they’re all stuck together 24/7 without their phones. Think Survivor, but it’s a chess game that takes place in a house with bedrooms that double as jail cells. Oh, and an anonymous masked man with a creepy pixelated face hosts the show.

Read on to find out which smarty-pants made it onto the show — yes, there was an entrance exam — and what the game’s all about.

Who’s in the cast of The Devil’s Plan?

Though their backgrounds vary, every contestant selected to compete in The Devil’s Plan is a brainiac or an overachiever — or both. This (hopefully) sets them up to form strong alliances and foolproof strategies throughout each challenge.

  • Boo Seung-kwan, aka Seungkwan, a member of the Billboard Chart–topping K-pop group Seventeen
  • Ha Seok-jin (Crash Landing on You, Problematic Men), an actor who graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering from Hanyang University
  • Lee Si-won, an actor and inventor who majored in business at Seoul National University, has a master’s degree in evolutionary psychology, and has over 10 patents to her name
  • Park Kyeong-rim, an entertainer and comedian who was the youngest person to ever take home the grand prize at Korea’s MBC Entertainment Awards
  • Suh Dong-joo, aka Danielle Suh (the daughter of Korean celebs Seo Jeong-Hee and Se-won Seo), a lawyer in California who has a degree in mathematics from MIT and an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania
  • Kwak Jun-bin, aka Kwaktube, a multilingual travel YouTuber who used to work at the Azerbaijan embassy
  • Orbit, a science YouTuber who studied astronomy and worked as a consultant for the Blue House (South Korea’s presidential residence)
  • Guillaume Patry, a professional poker player, bitcoin investor, entrepreneur, and former pro gamer
  • Lee Hye-seong, a multilingual TV personality and announcer who got her degree in business administration at Seoul National University
  • Suh Yu-min, a multilingual orthopedic doctor in the US who graduated from New York University’s School of Medicine
  • Kim Dong-jae, a student at Korea University’s School of Biomedical Sciences and a professional poker player
  • Cho Yeon-woo, a professional GO player since high school who studied in Singapore and at University College Dublin

What happens in The Devil’s Plan?

For one week, 12 contestants live — and compete against each other — in a huge rectangle built inside a soundstage that serves as their living space. Their accommodations look hip at first glance, but these walls have secrets. Over the course of seven days, participants compete in battles of intelligence twice a day until the final round, when one of them is crowned victor and rakes in all the prize money. (More on that below.) In this game, they can do absolutely everything and anything they want — without violence or stealing — in order to win.

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