MOVIE: Rush Hour 3 (2007)

Rush Hour 3 (2007)

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Synopsis: After an attempted assassination on Ambassador Han, Lee and Carter head to Paris to protect a French woman with knowledge of the Triads’ secret leaders. Three years after the events of Rush Hour 2, Chinese Ambassador Solon Han, with Hong Kong Police Force Chief Inspector Lee as his bodyguard, addresses the importance of fighting the Triads at the World Criminal Court in Los Angeles. There, when Han starting to announce the whereabouts of Shy Shen, a semi-mythical individual of great importance to the Chinese mob, an assassin snipes him, causing a panic. Lee corners the shooter, but when he learns it is his childhood foster brother, Kenji, he hesitates, allowing Kenji to escape just as LAPD Detective James Carter arrives after hearing what happened over the police radio.

Han survives the assassination attempt, and Lee and Carter promise his daughter Soo Yung to find the person responsible. She insists they head to the local Kung Fu studio to retrieve an envelope Han left her, but learn from the studio master the Triads took Soo Yung’s belongings.


Lee and Carter return to the hospital and intercept a gang of French-speaking Chinese assassins before they can kill Han. After defeating them, they interrogate one of them with the help of Sister Agnes, a French-speaking nun. For her protection, they take Soo Yung to the French Embassy, leaving her with French ambassador and chairman of the World Criminal Court, Varden Reynard. When Reynard and Soo Yung are nearly killed by a car bomb, Lee and Carter head to Paris to investigate further.

After a painful encounter with Parisian Commissaire Revi, Lee and Carter meet anti-American taxi driver, George, and force him to drive them to a Triad hideout. While there, Carter meets stage performer Geneviève while Lee is tricked by mob assassin Jasmine, who claims to have information about Shy Shen, and Carter saves him from being killed.

The pair try to escape, but are ultimately captured by Kenji’s men. Kenji says he’ll let them live if they leave Paris, but Lee refuses. Following a short struggle, he and Carter successfully escape. They recover at a hotel, where Lee reveals his relationship with Kenji and decides to continue alone. A disillusioned Carter leaves, but recomposes himself when he spots and follows Geneviève. Meanwhile, Reynard meets Lee and explains Shy Shen is not a person, but a list of Triad leaders and that Geneviève is Han’s informant with access to the list.


After locating Geneviève and saving her from being killed, the two flee to their hotel. They are attacked by Jasmine, but George rescues them out of a newfound admiration for Americans. Geneviève reveals to Lee and Carter that the Triad leaders’ names were tattooed on the back of her head and that she will be beheaded when the Triads capture her. Lee and Carter bring her to Reynard and discover he was working with the Triads the entire time. Kenji calls to inform Lee that he has captured Soo Yung and demands he turn over Geneviève.

Lee arrives at the Eiffel Tower to make the exchange, with Carter disguised as Geneviève with a wig. Kenji challenges Lee to a sword fight, during which the two fall into a safety net. After Kenji’s sword cuts the net, Lee tries to save him, but Kenji is touched by Lee’s kindness and lets go, falling to his death and leaving Lee devastated. Meanwhile, Carter saves Soo Yung and defeats Jasmine by kicking her into an elevator wheel that crushes her to death. After escaping the remaining Triad members, Carter and Lee are confronted by Reynard, who threatens to kill Geneviève and frame them. However, George shoots Reynard from behind, killing him. As the police arrive, Revi tries to take credit for Lee and Carter’s work, but they knock him out and leave with a victory dance to Edwin Starr’s “War”.

Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime

Release date: 10 Aug 2007

Star Cast: Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker, Max von Sydow

Duration: 91 mins

Director by: Brett Ratner

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