Maryam Booth Nude Video Leaked Online

Maryam Booth Nude Video Leaked Online Video Mp4 Download

Maryam Booth Nude Video Leaked Online

Maryam Booth is a sweet girl that transformed into well-loved lady sources disclosed to

POWEROFNAIJA gathered that the role interpreter who started as a teen actress rose to become a celebrity seen as very upright and respectable in her dealings, especially as it relates to morals.

‘’That is why a lot of people were shocked by the leaked video and the uproar that trailed it’’ learned.

‘’The uproar is a roar of alarm, surprise and protest all rolled into one over why someone will deliberately want to ruin such a likable actress and one of the northern stars of Nollywood’’ POWEROFNAIJA gathered.

Booth as managed to keep her private life exceptionally private multiple and cultivated the image of ‘’a perfect role model’’ on and o

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’Her action in the leaked video mirrors her conduct in real life as it pertains to image’’ POWEROFNAIJA learned.

In the leaked nude tape, Actress Booth is seen in the brief video rushing towards the person that captured her nakedness to snatch the phone used.

Booth was naked but for the headcover, she had on.

She alleged that colleague and former boyfriend, Ibrahim Ahmad Rufai better known as Deezell made the video and released it after she refused to succumb to his antics to blackmail her.

‘’She kept her affairs so private that many were surprised by the disclosure she dated Deezell’’ POWEROFNAIJA gathered.

Deezell has denied the allegation. And the police are currently investigating how the video got into the social media space – and allegations of blackmail against Deezell.

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POWEROFNAIJA gathered from a report on The Nation that since the leaked nude tape saga began over the weekend, Maryam Booth has enjoyed massive support from colleagues including  Ali Nuhu, Sani Danja, Rahama Sadau, Falalu Dorayi, Usman Uzee, and Nafeesat Abdullahi who urged her to ‘’stay strong as the investigation continues’’.



Arewa singer, Ibrahim Ahmad popularly known as Deezell has denied leaking the nude video of his ex-girlfriend, Maryam Booth.

The Kannywood actress, Maryam Booth accused Deezell of being the mastermind behind her nude video which went viral last Friday.

However, Deezell in a post on his Instagram page refuted Maryam’s claims saying they lacked factual substance as there is no evidence tying him to the accusation.


Maryam’s ex-boyfriend who prides himself an ardent follower of the principles that guide the Islamic religion disclosed he would never stoop to the level of releasing “anyone’s” nude videos.

Deezell has since asked for an apology, stating that failure to tender a public apology over the baseless accusations will result in a lawsuit.

“I wish to call on those responsible for this false allegation to withdraw their statements and apologise via the same social media platform within 12 hours with immediate effect. Failure to do so, I will be left with no other option but to take proper legal step to protect my hard-earned reputation and personality in question because of your false allegations”



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