#BBNaija 2018 Day 38: The Food Problem In The House

#BBNaija 2018 Day 38: The Food Problem In The House


It takes a high level of stamina and an enormous amount of food to keep all the #bbnaija Housemates fueled enough to keep audiences all over the world entertained.

Looking at the food dynamics in the #bbnaijaouse, the eating patterns of the housemates have shown a different side of their personalities inside the House.

There is no disputing the fact that each and every one of the #bbnaija housemates has a different eating pattern. For instance, Nina eats very little and it is usually on Miracle’s insistence, while others like Cee-C, Alex and Bambam have shown signs of a rabbit appetite, a desire to eat that is directly linked to one’s fluctuating emotional state.

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So far, Anto and Ifu Ennada have very healthy appetite and have never lost their hunger. Ifu Ennada and Tobi share an obsession as they simply have never said no to food. Both seem to always be famished, even after eating as sustenance has been one of their most frequent conversation.

As for Leo and Lolu, when it comes to nutrition, they make for either picky or lazy eaters. One wonders where do they get the fuel for their sharp minds as they don’t seem to enjoy eating, and often have to be dragged out of their beds to the dining table.


For Teddy A, food is no joking matter: he even scorned Bambam over a leftover piece of chicken she wanted to eat not knowing he had his sight on it.

The #bbnaija housemates responsible for the cooking have also come under scrutiny, for there would be no willing eaters without willing feeders. After the departure of Princess, Rico swavey inherited the chef position which he joyfully and creatively assumed.

By association, his partner Bambam joined him in the cooking duties and made herself the most useful by cleaning after him. A similar pattern also emerged between Miracle and Anto, as he spent a lot of time in the kitchen, usually preparing easy dishes like noodles, while Anto cleans the space.

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By the way or by default, Anto has acted as the designated ‘food disher’ to her peers who found fairness in her portioning.

At every mealtime, she dully performs her task. Even food lover Teddy A, has added to the feeder tendency, but only after he had eaten, did he put his food together with Bambam’s and insisted she finishes her food.

The healthy appetite of the #bbnaija housmates has been a talking point and we hope it reflects in the tasks and workings in the house.

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