#BBNaija 2018 Day 38: Cee-C Has A Meltdown

#BBNaija 2018 Day 38: Cee-C Has A Meltdown


Cee-C is one of the #bbnaija housates that tows a different line and she has surely earned her tough as nails credentials in the house.

It was quite surprising to see her break down and show her soft and vulnerable side for everyone to see.

Her relationship with lolu as evolved so much so that he followed her and sat by her sides on the wooden bench, holding her hand to comfort her. Cee-C appeared to be completely undone, silently sobbing with her head bowed down.

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She made it known that the earlier tiff had brought back painful memories that she wanted to forget. Wearing a robe and a nightcap, Bambam who was walking by was drawn to them, and tried to console Cee-C the best she could.

Cee-C totally let go and buried her head in Bambam’s arms, as she was softly stroking her hair. For that Bambam rose to her Head of House position, by ensuring the well-being of her team, which included all the #bbnaija housemates. She even offered that Cee-C comes to sleep in the luxury bedroom with her.

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Despite this, Cee-C had turned into a fountain of tears. Although she kept saying that others ’opinions didn’t affect her, and that she didn’t care at all, in between hiccups she admitted missing her late mother very much.

She looked like a little girl who needed to be tucked into bed, and kissed goodnight on the forehead by her mother. Her confession touched Lolu to the core for he made it known to her that he could absolutely relate as he had lost his mother the same day, the same year and only a few months apart.


When Cee-C had calmed down, the trio of her, Bambam and Lolu all dressed in pyjamas left together to their respective beds.

What we however do not know is if Cee-C’s tears real or crocodile, whatever it is, she sure raised more than a few eyebrows.

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