Logic – Cruisin’ Through the Universe Ft RZA

Logic – Cruisin’ Through the Universe Ft RZA

American rapper and performer, Logic, has just released a brand new single titled, Cruisin’ Through the Universe” The song is a fresh addition to Logic’s discography and promises to be a hit among his fans.

According to reports, Cruisin’ Through the Universe is taken from Logic’s  album,  The album is highly anticipated by fans of the rapper, who have been eagerly awaiting new music from him.

What’s even more exciting is that the single features an amazing collaboration with award-winning music star RZA, who delivers an impressive verse that complements Logic’s style perfectly.

As always, Logic’s lyrics are thought-provoking and filled with emotion. He has a unique way of expressing himself through music that resonates with many listeners.

Overall, “Cruisin’ Through the Universe” is an amazing addition to Logic’s music catalog, and fans of the rapper and RZA alike are sure to enjoy it. With its catchy beat and powerful lyrics, it’s a song that will stick with you long after you’ve finished listening to it.


Be sure to check out Logic’s new single and keep an eye out for the release of his album. It promises to be a great addition to the rapper’s already impressive body of work.

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“Cruisin’ Through The Universe”
(feat. RZA)

Cruisin’ through the universe (Cruisin’, cruisin’, cruisin’, cruisin’)
Cruisin’ through the universe (Cruisin’, cruisin’, cruisin’, cruisin’)
Cruisin’ through the universe (Cruisin’, cruisin’, cruisin’, cruisin’)
Cruisin’ through the universe (Cruisin’, cruisin’, cruisin’, cruisin’)
Cruisin’, cruisin’, cruisin’, cruisin’, cruisin’, cruisin’, cruisin’, cruisin’

Cruisin’ through the universe in my spaceship
‘Cause Earth girls nowadays too basic
Face it, look in the mirror, embrace it
You’re a thot
What up, what up? I’ve been in the cut
I don’t give a fuck what’s up, I feel it in my gut (Yeah, ayy)
Shimmy, shimmy, ya, shimmy, yam, I don’t give a damn
Fuck the norm’, liquor got me feelin’ warm


I’m headed to space with my team in a fleet of flyin’ submarines
Submerge a hundred years into the atlas, then we’re clean
When we surfaced, there was no need for money purchases
But my Wiz still has Chanel purses
I had a solid gold diamond encrusted book
The sole purpose was to hold important verses
Claustrophobic, they tried to bound me in COVID
But my strand of DNA, it can not be decoded
I told y’all this, put those laser guns away
Before I black out and take your whole sun away
My star cruiser with a flux motor, vodka with the club soda
Ice in the cup holder, Bobby be that type of soldier
That I wouldn’t fuck over, turn to a supernova
The rap Galactus, five emcees my daily quota
My shuttle’s a dream house, spa with a steam room
Pool with a logo and backyard is a screenin’ room
Lookin’ out my window, every view is a scenic view
They say life’s a dream, I say that you could dream it too
Logic, Logic, yo
They say life is but a dream, but I say that you could dream it too


Yo, Logic, wake up
What, what, what?
Yo, it’s like four o’ clock
We gotta go pick up Castro, you’re performin’ tonight
Oh shit, alright, uh, but can we get some food first?
I’m fuckin’ hungry as shit
Hell yeah, I’m starvin’
Yo, throw me the keys
Yo, Lenny, I just had the craziest dream, bro
About what?
Yo, I was on a song with the fuckin’ RZA, man
It was crazy and weird, I— I can’t really remember it
Oh shit, yo, I’ll meet you in the car, I gotta piss first
Oh, alright, cool
Hey, you know what would be really crazy?
If you got the whole Clan on a song one day
Haha, yeah, right, Lenny
Gotta get out this basement first

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