Mkpuru-Mmiri: The New Dangerous Drug Sending Our Youths Running Our Youths Mad

Mkpuru-Mmiri: The New Dangerous Drug Sending Our Youths To Their Early Grave

Mkpuru-mmiri – Methamphetamine Hydrochloride is a very addictive stimulant drug. As a matter of fact, it has sent many youths to early grave at the moment, while some have been rendered useless due to madness.

To be sincere, flogging the youths who engaged in drug abuse, is never the best way forward. Let the dealers of mkpuru-mmiri in our communities be exposed and arrested immediately. The introduction of mkpuru-mmiri to our youths, has caused more harm with nothing good to show. I have watched various videos where some youths were flogged mercilessly by either local security vigilantes or youth leaders for taking mkpuru-mmiri. As a matter of fact, it breaks my heart how our youths got to this level. Who exactly introduced mkpuru-mmiri to our youths?

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The intake of mkpuru-mmiri has caused more harm, and brings nothing good to our youths and the entire society. Quite unfortunate, it has increased the ills in the society at the moment. The rate of kidnapping, cultism, armed robbery, money ritual, raping, madness, and other ugly stories have gone to excel since the emergence of mkpuru-mmiri. And I ask once more: Who exactly introduced mkpuru-mmiri to our youths? Why not show them how to be useful to themselves, than introducing them to drug abuse?


My good people, it is your responsibility as a parent, an elder brother/sister, neighbour and relative, to monitor the youths around you at this period. Those who have engaged in taking mkpuru-mmiri, do not need to be beaten or flogged. Rather, they should be rehabilitated and counselled immediately.

Some Anambra youths were mercilessly flogged last time for taking mkpuru-mmiri. Unfortunately, an only son became sick and died just three days after, due to the severe injuries inflicted on him. As his elder sister said: “My brother was never a bad child. Suddenly, he started hanging out with rough youths and now, he is dead. Flogging them is not the best thing. Rather, they would have been rehabilitated. My only brother could have been saved, if they were not mercilessly flogged. After the flogging, my brother became sick and died three days later. It is very heartbreaking.”😭

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Who have come to destroy our youths with mkpuru-mmiri? Ndi Eze, the Chiefs, Ndi Nze, and other leaders in our communities should wake up! Any community that has numbers of youths taking mkpuru-mmiri, is seriously in danger. Let the dealers of this deadly substance be exposed and arrested immediately. Be vigilant, be wise and be smart. Mkpuru-mmiri has only come to destroy our youths.


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